Psion Revo

Psion was known manufacturer of handheld devices, PDAs, data collectors and palmtops running EPOC operating system - EPOC evolved later to Symbian and was used in early smartphones. After a big step forward when introducing multi-program Psion 5MX, they decided to make Psion devices smaller. Psion Revo, sold sometimes as Revo 2000 or Diamond Mako (USA/Canada), was a Psion 5MX with smaller screen and built-in batteries. Keyboard was quite comfortable, touch screen was used with stylus. The only problems was lack of configurability of software (as in e.g. HP 200LX in which you can set any character encoding possible or even make your own) and the result of miniaturization - to transfer data, docking station was needed.
Revo suffered battery problems as two rechargeable AAA cells are built-in. However, it is possible to replace cells.

Manufacturer Psion

Origin UK
Year of unit 2000
Year of introduction 1999
Type Palmtop, ARM
CPU ARM 710T 36MHz
Floppy Disk None
Hard Disk None (8MB ROM for built-in software)
Other media None (can be connected to PC by docking station and serial port)
Graphics and display: 480x160 16-shade grayscale. No backlight.
Sound: Mono speaker, capable of simple sampling.
Keyboard and pointing device: Small keyboard, palmtop layout (no numerical keypad nor F keys)
Stylus for pointing on screen

Power supply:

1 - Ground
2 - +6V DC

Works from built-in two AAA cells.

I/O:  - Infrared
 - Docking station connector
Possible upgrades: ??
Additional peripherals:  Power supply (non original)

My unit has software in German, so I don't use it. I don't have docking station too. It looks like someone tried to replace batteries in it, but gave up.

If you charge it, there are 2 LEDs: Green - power is connected, Red - charging is performed.

 More information can be found in User's guide.

To get into battery compartment, you have to do the following steps:
1. Using a sharp knife, remove the PSION sticker on the top of PDA.
2. You'll see a two rods, one bent a little on its end. The thing is to remove this bent rod and then move the other to free latch-like mounting. After some tries the bent rod may be removed by prying it away from cover and sliding it off.
3. Now slide the other rod into the free space, use something sharp to scratch it and move.
4. The rear part is held by two latches, start unlocking from the left. DO NOT RIP THE RIBBON CABLE.
Now you can replace batteries. See the link attached if you want details, everything is explained there except details of moving these rods. Remember to connect batteries properly, remember about thermistor, yes, it must be there. - Spftware for transferring contents to/from a PC can be downloaded here. - Some other connectivity software. - Lost and found software for EPOC - Forum about old Psion devices - Abandoned software for EPOC. - Battery replacement procedure. - Photos of prototype codenamed CONAN.