Other non-branded PCs

All non-branded PCs which accumulated in my collection over years. I decided to get them working and fill missing parts making them more or less middle and high-end PCs from different eras. Small date inconsistencies may happen between components as they are usually built to epoch, not to exact release date.

Name CPU/RAM Est. year
386 Slimline 386DX 40MHz, 8MB 1993
Comsoft Tower 386 386DX 40MHz 1993/4
Protech 386 386DX 40MHz 1994
Progress Cyrix 486DX2 Cyrix 486DX2 66MHz 1994/5
Pentium 150MHz Tower Intel Pentium 150MHz 1995/6
Joy 5x86 AMD 5x86-P75 1996
Pentium 166MHz tower Intel Pentium MMX 166MHz 1996/7
Delco Pentium 233 Intel Pentium MMX 233MHz 1997
Cyrix GX Cyrix MediaGX 233MHz 1997
Pentium II 400 tower Intel Pentium II 400MHz 1998
Pentium II 350 Tower Intel Pentium II 350MHz 1998
AMD K6-2 AMD K6-2 400MHz 1998/9
AMD K6-III Tower AMD K6-III 450MHz 1999
Celeron 566 Tower Intel Celeron 566MHz 2000
Duron 700 tower AMD Duron 700MHz 20001
Pentium III tower Intel Pentium III 800MHz 2001
Monell Celeron Intel Celeron 1GHz 2002

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