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Hello world... again

2016-07-20 14:23:17,  In: Other, rants

Hello again, this time from another hosting. The free hosting which was used for the last 5 years decided to shut down a large part of their servers and stick head in the ground pretending nothing happened. In free hostings' land there is probably no other alternative except sites which try to sell paid hosting by terminating the free one.
In this page a small, usually practical pieces of text will be written. Too small or too modern to be published in Hacks section, but still useful and worth noting. Topics will cover sometimes old computers, Linux, Open source software or just opinions and information about things. As this "Publishing system" has been created in one night (based on my "lab notebook" code) don't expect comments or similar fully-featured things. Well, I care about users' privacy and I don't feel like hogging users' CPUs with tons of JS code nor constantly patching a state-of-the-art CMS made to be maintained by specially hired Open-Source code magicians.

I was naively thinking that the Internet will not end like a TV in the USA, where amateur "ham TV" band was slowly narrowed to be finally nearly entirely commercialized with expensive licenses, but I was wrong. Most of hobby-related sites disappeared and users became advertisement receivers. Currently there is almost no way to maintain a site which is not commercial, and if a site is commercial it means that its objectivity is... well, screwed up, it's dependent on sponsors!. If anyone writes today about all this free speech-related thing, or tries to support a Blue Ribbon-like initiatives, then we have an example of hypocrisy. It's too late.

This site will be mostly written "for my writing", as in Polish idiom "to the drawer". But being something like a notebook with old computers-related information it may become useful. Contrary to many opinions I still think that Old Computers are not characters in RPG game, and their stats aren't the most important thing.

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