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Meanwhile in Linux kernel

2020-07-12 22:17:41,  In: Linux, Rants

As the Kernel is constantly changing, the search is for 5.7.8 sources obtained 2020-07-10. In commit 49decddd39e5f6132ccd7d9fdc3d7c470b0061bb they introduced the following commit:

Merge tag 'inclusive-terminology' of git://
Pull coding style terminology documentation from Dan Williams: "The discussion has tapered off as well as the incoming ack, review, and sign-off tags. I did not see a reason to wait for the next merge window"

So it means that the terminology will be phased out with successive commits. Do what you want, if I could suggest something, the master/slave terminology has been called active/passive in Polish since beginning of literal "computer engineering" instead of "building cybernetic machines" (read: early 70s) and went back to English only with...

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So, what's a real problem with 5G? The example with electricity.

2020-06-26 19:22:04,  In: Other, Rants

I will start this post with a ?newspaper? cartoon from 1890s, criticizing the electrification of country in the early days of electricity, when it was known and more or less used, but most safety measures were non-existent. Unfortunatly, I'm not exactly sure about the source of the cartoon, some sources label it as "An unrestrained demon", and contrary to the source of this information it is probably earlier than 1900 looking from the shape of the pole, bulb and lantern. About the picture, unfortunately, it shows the true, sad state of electricity in the end of 19th century, when it was handled carelessly, without protections and only for maximizing profits. So don't take it entirely as false. Let's see how the electricity looked like in its early stages and why it was quite dangerous energy to use.
One more thing: I will try to write this in a simple words, sometimes neglecting engineering details, but I think that it should be understood by any people familiar with technology, not only these who like...

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EU Copyright directive: Internet users like it.

2019-03-23 11:15:22,  In: rants

Recently lots of media attention is focused on new European "Copyright directive", especially on laws allowing to implement upload filters and a so-called "link tax". So I decided to do something instead of this website darkening fashion and describe why it's too late for any protests. Let's go to the point: Both of these regulations: Upload filters and so-called "link tax", describe things which are already present since at least a decade, they have been already implemented and embraced by community - and quite everyone seems to be happy with it. Automatic upload filters are present in all platforms, as well as most hostings, services and rented private servers. There are a few forms of these filters:
- Legally censoring content using "terms of service" contract, which in practice is one-side, means you have to obey it and they may or may not. This is visible well in politically sensitive content, when the censorship noted in ToS does not exist when it's neded to divide people, and is exaggerated when...

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Hello world... again

2016-07-20 14:23:17,  In: Other, rants

Hello again, this time from another hosting. The free hosting which was used for the last 5 years decided to shut down a large part of their servers and stick head in the ground pretending nothing happened. In free hostings' land there is probably no other alternative except sites which try to sell paid hosting by terminating the free one.
In this page a small, usually practical pieces of text will be written. Too small or too modern to be published in Hacks section, but still useful and worth noting. Topics will cover sometimes old computers, Linux, Open source software or just opinions and information about things. As this "Publishing system" has been created in one night (based on my "lab notebook" code) don't expect comments or similar fully-featured things. Well, I care about users' privacy and I don't feel like hogging users' CPUs with tons of JS code nor constantly patching a state-of-the-art CMS made to be maintained by specially hired Open-Source code...

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