Wyse WY-120

Very popular terminal, used in many Polish offices with PC and other main computers. It has battery-backed configuration, which can be modified by keyboard and setup routines. It is small, compact and has a good screen. The only problems I got with these were with bulged electrolytic capacitors.

Manufacturer: Wyse

Model WY-120
Year: 1993
CPU: 8032
Memory: 16K
Display: Monochrome white CRT
Keyboard: Dedicated serial
Main port: Serial RS-232
Additional ports: Additional serial and parallel ports for printer.



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Peripherals in collection:
 - Keyboard
 - Polish keyboard for TeleVideo clone.

To enter setup: Press Shift+Select.

During normal operation press:
 - Ctrl+PgUp/PgDn - scroll pages
 - Ctrl+PrtScr - Printer Busy/Not busy
 - Ctrl+Right Arrow - Insertion mode, show/hide top bar.
 - Ctrl-Shift-Pause - Change duplex FDX/BLK.

I have 2 units, both in good shape. They were used in Military offices, but they are in good condition.


http://www.wyse.sg/products/gpt/wy150_120.asp - in Wyse web site