Mera 79152 PC

Another Mera-Elzab product, this time more modern one, made with some VLSI circuits. It was built around Eastern Block components and had capabilities of a typical "dumb terminal". Keyboard was made in Konsul Zbrojovka Brno.

Manufacturer: Mera-Elzab ZUK

Model 79152 PC
Year: 198?
CPU: Z80
Memory: 8K
Display: Monochrome green
Keyboard: Dedicated hallotron based, parallel link.
Main port: Serial (DB25)
Additional ports: Serial for printer (DB25)
Keyboard (DB15)
Video out (BNC)




My unit is in a very poor condition. It doesn't work, as it has few logic chips broken. Because they are shorted, power supply got a damage too. CRT can't even try to start. Many chips have oxidized pins, because it was flooded in storage. ROMs are readable.

These terminals were manufactured in Mera-Elzab. Two Polish computer magazines from 1980s: Bajtek and IKS, published its photos. In the first one (right) you can see that extensive testing was performed with many units at once, with comparable (to Transmit/Receive?) working unit separated on the other table.

The other photo (lower-right), coming from an interview with Mera engineer about Meritum, shows us that there were green and amber screened one-board terminals. These units have probably the same mainboard as my unit.

Source: Bajtek, 1986

Source: Komputer, 1986

Source: Komputer, 1987 - Infosystem 87 computer show

Source: Komputer 1987.
Source: Komputer 1987 - using mainframe with Mera terminals.