Creator IKT-5A

Probably a predecessor of Fura IKT-6 terminal, this one is also based on Intel microcontroller, this time Intel 80C51. It has 8kB of static RAM and two EPROMs for firmware and character set. Screen can be hard-copied to printer connected with parallel port. The primary port is serial. This terminal can use PC XT keyboard and PC CRT monitor with 9-pin plug.

I don't have any information about the company who made it. In a box and device's sticker there is information about company called CREATOR located in Katowice. Terminal has "Fura elektronik" logo on its menu screen. The company Fura Elektronik was set up in 1992 in Tychy (20km from Katowice), and is present until ca. 2012 (as in Polish registry of companies). There is no information about CREATOR and its office was in one of these old large office buildings let to everyone interested. There is another company callec Creator in Katowice, but it was set up ca. 2009 and has different address, so it's probably different story.
In mainboard, there is a text "MAD-4 IKAR" printed - it's not known is it related to "IKT" model.

Manufacturer: Creator

Model IKT-5A
Year: 1993
CPU: 80C51 (8051 microcontroller)
Memory: 8kB
Display: DB9 PC CRT
Keyboard: PC XT Keyboard
Main port: Serial port?
Additional ports: Parallel port for printer
Power connector for CRT monitor.



Peripherals in collection:
 - Original box


To enter setup, press both Shift keys simultaneously. There are not many settings, serial port settings, emulation mode, printing. To get into extended setup and information, press "|" key (pipe, vertical line, etc.) while still holding both Shift keys.

My unit is in quite good condition, fully operating, probably not used at all as it is in original box.