Facit Terminal 4440 30M-F1

In Sweden it was used in tax offices, because of its useful features. Main feature of Facit Twist or Facit 4440 was its screen which could be rotated 90 degrees to portrait orientation allowing 72 line display at 80 columns. Screen was white, with good contrast and flicker-free. It was useful with table comparison and data managenemt.
Twist was a good Swedish machine, rigid and reliable. Casing was made of alluminium alloy painted white and brown. Mainboard was located on the back side, and rear part of case was acting as a huge heatsink.

Manufacturer: Facit

Model Terminal 4440
Year: 1986
CPU: Z80
Memory: 16K
Display: Monochrome white CRT
Keyboard: Dedicated, 5-pin DIN plug,
NOT PC-compatible.
Main port: Serial (2400bps?)
Additional ports: Serial for printer



4440 used quite complex software which performed a POST before start. My unit shows keyboard error. I don't know its exact source, but they weren't popular in Poland so I think it came with electronic junk bought cheaper than recycling, from Western Europe. in Poland, purchasing old equipment from Germany or western EU countries was popular in 2004-2010.
The unit hsa few ROMs. There's one 2732 ROM which drives display circuitry, 2 character ROMs, one 2716 "codes ROM" which driven keyboard mechanisms, and finally 3 OS ROMs, which contain all terminal functions.

http://web.archive.org/web/20070217002448/http://www2.lut.fi/atk/images/index.html - In Finnish Museum
http://hack.org/mc/computers.html - Author mentions this terminal as one of his equipment.
in Europeana collections