Specialix I/O boards

Currently, it's quite hard to get Specialix drivers and installation guides. Here is some info about installing these cards.

First, check these things:
 - What card?
 - What bus (ISA? EISA?)
 - What OS?

1. Cards
Most 4-port cards don't require any drivers. Just disable serial ports in computer and run these 4 COMs in card. 8 port or more cards require drivers. Some of them may not work in Windows.

2. Buses
If you have ISA, you must configure the card with jumpers. EISA is just an ISA with configuration applied to cards with special program, usually added to mainboard on bootable floppy. If you don't have one, try THIS one, but it may not work on Your mainboard. Copy it to bootable disk and run from it.
You need EISA configuration definition files. Specialix drivers (!SLX*.CFG) are enclosed in archive and in SI-XIO driver package in utils subdirectory.

3. OSes
If you have Windows NT or 2000, you can install cards with PortDirector software. This is a driver for SX+, SX, XIO and SI-HOST cards.
Other OSes require their drivers. They're supplied on floppies or DD file which is a disk image.

EISA configuration utility

PortDirector driver for Windows NT

PortDirector driver for Windows NT v.1.21 Part2

PortDirector Driver for Windows 2000. This contains manual in PDF format

SI-XIO driver pack

Specialix Support COPYDISK - utility to copy disk images. Don't know will it work, copied from Support CD

SX cards drivers for SCO Unix and windows NT

Drivers for IO8Plus card