Ampex 210 Plus

Very popular terminal, with monochrome display and RS-232 port, with software configuration (battery-backed), RTC, memory buffer "window mode" and many configuration options. It has a wide range of baud rates and is quite durable. Ampex terminals were used in industrial systems as well as in office ones, in Poland usually with PC machines as servers.
The unit is built around Z80A CPU, it has dedicated 3515260 PLA chip and MC2672B4P CRT driver. Connection is made with AMI18828MHD serial driver chip, but it can be modified using installable module in a socket.

Manufacturer: Ampex

Model 210 Plus
Year: 1989
CPU: Z80
Memory: 8K
Display: Monochrome amber CRT
Keyboard: Dedicated on 4-pin connector.
Main port: Serial RS-232
Additional ports: Printer RS-232

Model 210 manual

Model 230 manual

Peripherals in collection:
 - Keyboard

To enter SETUP: Press FUNCT + SETUP.
My unit is in a good shape, is not much used, works well. It comes from military junk, it was probably used as spare terminal, as they usually used Wyse WY-120 or TeleVideo ones.
Source: Bajtek, 1987 - Polish advertisement.



Keyboard pinout

Connector: 4-pin RJ (like telephone) connector, female at the computer (this is NOT a PC keyboard standard!):

.  1 2 3 4  .
|           |
|           |
|           |

1 - PE
2 - +11V Vcc
3 - Data
4 - GND