IMM Alfa 10 - The first Polish terminal

Anyone knows if any unit survived? I don't have such terminals, but there's no information about them in the net, so here is what I have.

IMM Alfa 10 was the first character-based terminal built in Poland. Earlier for computer input/output teletypes were used. The terminal was built in 1972/1973 in "Zakład Wejścia/Wyjścia Instytutu Maszyn Matematycznych" - Input/Output devices department of Institute of Mathematical Machines in Warsaw. It was used with different machines, such as:
 - Odra 1300 series (it's quite well known)
 - JS EMC (Unified System machines)
 - MERATRONIC - an accounting automation system consisting of another implementation of MOMIK 8b microcomputer as MERATRON central processing unit (?evolved to Mera 300-series?), Facit automatic typewriter, CTK-50/DKT-50 perforated tape reader/writer and PDm-1 disk memory. [Source: Informatyka, 1973/03]. Probably never left prototype stage.

As it can be read in Informatyka 12/1972, the production itself was realized by ERA plant. The parameters, given there and in "Młody Technik" 6/1973, are as follows:
 - 18" CRT tube, 306 lines, 50Hz
 - 960 (?40x24?) or 1040 (?40x26?) characters
 - Latin and/or cyrillic font
 - 5x7pix character
 - Blinking cursor (~3Hz blink)
 - Keyboard with cursor and function keys
 - Interface compatible with electronic typewriter interface.
 - Built with integrated circuits.

Photos, drawings:

Prototype Alfa 1
(Source: Buśko - "1000 Słów o komputerach i Informatyce").

The same unit drawing
(source: Miś B. "Od Abaka do ENIAca")

Probably "Production grade" unit.
(Source: MT 1973/06, this is the same picture as in Informatyka 1973/03 but not trimmed)

Block diagram (Source: MT 1973/06):
Pamięć - Memory; "Układ wybierania komórek pamięci" - Memory cell switching circuit; "Układ synchronizacji" - Synchronization circuit; "Układ odchylania" - Deflection circuit; "Cewki odchylające" - Deflection coils; "Elektroda sterująca wiązką elektronów" - Electron beam driving electrode; "Kineskop" - Cathode ray tube; "Generator znaków" - Character generator; "Klawiatura" - Keyboard; "Do maszyny cyfrowej" - To computer.

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