Bitmap Font ROM editor


Written in .NET - requires .NET framework. This program is bitmap font editor from devices ROMs.

 Supported ROMs:

In fact, this program is all EXPERIMENTAL and unstable. No guarantee that it'll work. And I take no responsibility if something will go wrong.

Editing 7304 font Editing Hercules font


Typical workflow:

1. Load ROM.
2. Define its type using rightmost combo field. Not applicable to Meritum ROMs (use drop-down menu near Open to open it)
3. View, modify or convert characters using program functions
4. If you want, do the same thing with 2nd bank or add another bank. If you click "Import" and then "Bank 0 to current bank", you can add another ROM to currently selected bank. If you click "Bank 1 to current bank" bank 2 of selected multibank ROM will be imported. The "Abandon current file" dialog is meaningless here, click Yes.
5. Save resulting file
6. Check it.


Character dumps:

Computer Language (character set) Notes
Robotron KC 80 ?German?  
Cobra-1 Uppercaze A-Z,0-9 + semigraphics  
MZ-700 International German, English, extended semigraphics  
MCY7304NAA, NAB, NAC Different: English, Cyrilic  
Meritum I Model 1 Polish uppercase  
  Meritum I Model 2 A-Z, semigraphics, upper+lower  
Commodore PET    

Commodore SuperPET

Commodore VIC-20    
Commodore 128    
Commodore 64    
Commodore 16    


CGA CP437 2 fonts
IBM 4733197 Graphics card CP437 Bank 0 - Hercules/MDA, Bank 1 - 2 fonts of CGA.


Hercules, CP437 CP437  
Hercules, ISO8859-1 ISO8859-1 From some Linux packagebank 0 contains font, Bank 1 empty
Hercules, ISO8859-2 ISO8859-2 From some Linux package, bank 0 contains font, Bank 1 empty
Hercules Kamenicky CP895 (Czech) Contains some rubbish in free space area.
Hercules, Codepage 895 CP895 (Czech), different font  
Hercules, Latin-2 Latin 2  
Hercules, Mazovia Mazovia (Polish) Original dump and cleared one, rubbish in Bank 1. It's from W8685aff graphic card.
Hercules, Mazovia 2 Mazovia (Polish) Original dump, different fonts
Hercules, Mazovia 3 Mazovia (Polish) Original dump, different fonts



1. "File not found" error during opening file or launching program.

    Edit "config.ini"with editor and place a full path to "helper.txt" file like C:\Program Files\fontedit\helper.txt

2. Bad endian or inversions while saving file

    Just reverse it in program. Sometimes it works this way.

3. Clipboard doesn't work between 2 instances of program

    I know.

4. Blank character list

    Make sure helper.txt is present and see issue 1

MCbx, 2012

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