IBM ThinkPad i Series 1300

A multimedia-oriented portable from early 2000s, has Pentium III CPU and up to 192MB of RAM. This computer has a DVD drive built-in most configurations, as well as keyboard with multimedia keys. More advanced models have Trident Cyber video chip with acceleration and AC sound chipset, while low-cost ones were equipped with SMI Lynx video chip and simple SoundFusion codec. The computer has a good-quality TFT panel, modem and ethernet. It can be expanded with PCMCIA cards. It is similar to Compaq Armada M700, which was competing model from Compaq.

Manufacturer IBM

Origin USA
Year of unit 2001
Year of introduction 2000
Type Laptop, PC
CPU Intel Pentium III 700MHz
RAM 192MB (64MB OnBoard, 128MB module)
(PC100/133 SODIMM)
Floppy Disk None
(possible to use USB one)
Hard Disk 20GB
Other media DVD drive in a bay
Graphics and display: 1024x768x24-bit LCD TFT, 14.1" 4:3 screen,
Sound: Stereo, built-in speakers
Keyboard and pointing device: Small PC keyboard without numeric part, with quick jump and multimedia keys.
Trackpoint with scroll button.
OS: Windows 2000
Windows 98 (optionally)

Power supply:

1 - Ground
2 - +16V DC, 3.36A

I/O:  - 2x PCMCIA
 - Modem
 - USB
 - PS/2
 - VGA (15-pin)
 - Serial port
 - Parallel port
 - Ethernet (RJ45)
Possible upgrades: Memory
Additional peripherals:  Power supply unit.

My unit is in a bad condition, I got it as an used unit with unknown history, without disk, battery and memory. It was not runinng well, as connectors were loose. This could be fixed, but broken hinges (in its history it probably fell on a left-hand corner) could not. The unit has been restored to electrically working state, but damaged hinges make its closing a bit hard.



The video is SMI Lynx, so it needs drivers for it, not for Trident also present in some of these laptops. There is no 3D acceleration, this is a purely office video chip. Audio is Crystal SoundFusion, and there were other too, so be careful when choosing drivers. Many versions have many designations and not all are described in driver packs.

You don't need trackpoint driver in Win2000 - scrolling works without. For keyboard, multimedia keys and quick jump keys there are two different drivers. You may need to re-assign 3 keys to own commands as by default they point to some Internet services.

All drivers can be see in this list in website. Notice that links point to a pcbbs mirror.


 - - specification
 - - Hardware maintenance manual.
 - - Drivers download links