Tandy 1100FD

This portable computer released by Tandy was a machine designed for consumers who use regular PC but want to take smaller one on the go. It was sold for 999USD and had a backlit LCD with nice contrast, MS-DOS and Tandy DeskMate shell in ROM. Using other programs required floppy disks. Battery allowed to work for about 3.5h without charging. Tandy developed this notebook as an office machine - LCD is clear, has large characters and has light. Inside, a Tandy DeskMate operating environment has been included. Unfortunately there was a problem when copying and pasting text between programs. DeskMate itself hasn't gained big popularity but some companies released their software with DeskMate support (e.g. Quicken).
Some companies sold external hard disk drives for Tandy, but they were slow as they used parallel port.

Manufacturer Tandy

Origin USA
Year of unit 1990
Year of introduction 1989?
Type Laptop, PC
CPU Nec V20 10MHz
RAM 640kb
Floppy Disk 1x 3.5", 720K
Hard Disk None
Other media None
Graphics and display: CGA, monochrome backlit LCD
Sound: PC Speaker
Keyboard and pointing device: Small PC keyboard without numeric part.
OS: MS-DOS in ROM, Tandy DeskMate DOS shell

Power supply:

1 - 9.5V 2.5A
2 - Ground

I/O:  - Serial port
 - Parallel port
Possible upgrades: There is a slot under keyboard. Probably can be expanded by modem.
Additional peripherals:   

My unit has bad FDD but it starts DOS from ROM. In ROM there are also main DeskMate components stored. Running other components require floppy disks as this computer has no HDD.

Documentation: Exploded views, PC FDD modification, announcement
Setup software and system disks
BIOS version 1990

http://www.8bit-micro.com/1110HD-repairs.htm - How to disassemble 1100HD - 1100FD is similar.