Zenith SlimsPort 286

Zenith was a well-known computer brand (in late 1970s they acquired Heath known from theit Heathkit), in 1980s they made simple computers and CP/M machines, in 1985 they made their first portable PC (Z171). This laptop has 286 processor and 2.5" hard disk. It has true monochrome LCD with nice contrast and VGA-compatible graphics. Later Zenith SupersPort was released, which was bigger, but had bigger hard disk and modular battery expansion. Because battery packs in SupersPort could be stacked and expanded, it was used in US Army.

Manufacturer Zenith

Origin USA
Year of unit 1988?
Year of introduction 1988?
Type Laptop, PC
CPU Intel 80286, 10MHz
Floppy Disk 1x 3.5", 1.44MB
Hard Disk 20, 30 or 40MB, 2.5" IDE
Other media None
Graphics and display: Monochrome backlit LCD, black and white. (good contrast and true white color)
Sound: PC Speaker
Keyboard and pointing device: PC-compatible without numeric part.



Power supply:

1 - +16.5V DC, 2A (works even with 12V if no battery present)
2 - Ground

I/O:  - Expansion connector
 - External FDD connector
 - VGA D-sub out
 - Parallel port
 - Printer port
Possible upgrades:  There's an expansion slot..
Modem module
Additional peripherals:  none

Well, this thing just boots to DOS. It has BIOS backup battery in its compartment near handle, remember when renovating. Holding ESC at boot gets you to MFM200 monitor - a software which offers monitor, dis/assembler, diagostics (TEST command) and BIOS setup (SETUP command). Command ? is for help.