Copam+ 386

Quite rare notebook with 386 processor. It is made with average quality components (LCD seems to be good qualioty) and has compact look. Copam was Taiwanese computer manufacturer which made some Z80 systems, desktop PCs and some laptops. It was not known much in Europe. BIOS of this laptop is made by Quadtel and is universal, it allows to set color or monochrome display and some other expansions not available in this computer.

Manufacturer Copam+

Origin Taiwan
Year of unit 1992
Year of introduction ??
Type Laptop, PC
CPU Intel 80386, 33MHz, +387
Floppy Disk 1x 3.5", 1.44MB
Hard Disk 120MB
Other media None
Graphics and display: Monochrome backlit LCD, VGA-compatible.
Sound: PC Speaker
Keyboard and pointing device: PC keyboard without numeric part, numeric part on letter keys. No pointing device available.



Power supply:

2,5 - Battery GND
1,4 - Shield GND
3 - ???
6,7,8 - ??? (connected with each other)

12V DC, 1.5A, my unit is powered from battery compartment. If you look into compartment you'll see two connections, leftmost is +12V, second GND.

I/O:  - 2 COM ports
 - LPT
 - VGA
 - External keyboard
 - Expansion bus
Possible upgrades: Memory expansion with dedicated modules, math coprocessor
Additional peripherals:   


Well, this thing just boots to DOS. It has a setup program available when causing keyboard error then pressing F2.

Power supply pinout is strange, it's better to power it through battery connections.

My unit comes from flea market. As I understood from hard disk it was used in Technical University in Częstochowa to edit texts and publications, mainly in Sociology. It was running Windows 3.11 with Word 2.0.

A few notes about disassembling:
 - After removing lower screws on the bottom, remove long plastic front part, then open keyboard (after removing its two screws) and remove screws holding LCD part. Then remove back screws, you can lift LCD part now.
 - CMOS rechargeable battery is near floppy disk drive, 3.6V, MAY LEAK.