Bondwell B200

This laptop is an alternative for Toshiba T1000 series laptops. It has no hard drive and totally no way to connect any. The only data storage is floppy disk, using two 720kB drives. But it was still too expensive for Polish economical conditions, so one University could, in early 1990s, hardly afford one unit. It runs MS-DOS and is PC compatible. Screen is monochrome LCD, it's not backlit so quality is very poor (I think I can risk to say that worse than in Amstrad PPC), even with inverted mode which can be enabled by switch on the back.
Bondwell is a brand known of their CP/M laptops Model 1, Model 2 and Model 8. B200 uses much technology from its ancestors.
Later B310 was introduced which had a hard drive instead of one floppy drive.

Manufacturer Bondwell

Origin Hongkong
Year of unit 1989
Year of introduction 1988?
Type Laptop, PC
CPU Intel 80C88, 8MHz
RAM 640kb
Floppy Disk 2x 3.5", 720K
Hard Disk None
Other media None
Graphics and display: CGA, monochrome non-backlit LCD.
Sound: PC Speaker
Keyboard and pointing device: Full-stroke PC keyboard without numeric part, numeric part on letter keys.



Power supply:

1 - Ground
2 - +9V DC, 1,5A

I/O:  - Serial port
 - Parallel port
 - DB9 video out
Possible upgrades:  None known
Additional peripherals:   

Well, this thing just boots to DOS. Any error messages are coming from BIOS and are the same as in every PC XT, my unit had a dry solder in keyboard controller chip and I got "Keyboard missing" message.