HP 360LX

After some success of 1994 HP 200LX pocket PC, HP decided to release another palmtop. HP 300 line, which was HP 320 and 360LX computers, were small, portable, battery-powered pocket computers with keyboard and stylus touch-screen. 360LX has LCD resolution, backlight and sound support better than in 200LX, it's powered by Windows CE operating system.
And this OS was the biggest problem of 300 line palmtops. 200LX had a huge application library, as it was DOS-compatible. Windows CE gave possibility to make better applications, but there were no scientific, mathematic, specialized or just development applications for this OS. A very good solver for 200LX disappeared too. More, there was no easy method to localize OS to the same range of languages as for 200LX's keyboard and font kits. 360LX had much shorter battery running time too. Usage of proprietary software and hardware solutions to transfer files and programs made this computer not well usable, so sells of 300 and later 600 line (with color screen) were not as good as earlier devices.

Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard

Origin USA
Year of unit 1997
Year of introduction ??
Type Palmtop
CPU Hitachi SH3 RISC 60MHz
Floppy Disk None
Hard Disk RAM disk only
Other media Possible to install CF card in PCMCIA slot.
Graphics and display: 640x240 greyscale LCD with backlight
Sound: Speaker, can play simple sounds from sample files.
Keyboard and pointing device: Small PC keyboard without numeric part.

Stylus LCD

OS: Windows CE 2.0

Power supply:

1 - GND
2 - +5V DC 1.5A

Or just 2 AA cells.
+ CR2032 as RAM backup battery

I/O:  - Serial port (proprietary standard)
 - Expansion connector
 - RAM upgrade module connector
Possible upgrades: RAM
Expansion slot
Additional peripherals:  None

To install most programs, 360LX requires special cable and some software for transferring it with serial port. Copying programs to CF card and running it from it mostly won't work.

Serial port pinout:
Warning: I don't know where to get plugs.
This is pinout of similar Ericsson MC16, so it may not be exactly this thing.

| 1        10|
| ---------- |

1 - DSR
2 - Rx
3 - Tx
4 - DTR
5 - GND
6 - n.c.
7 - RtS
8 -CtS
9,10 - n.c.

 - http://old-organizers.com/MorePicts/MP259.htm - good photos.