Pentium II 350MHz Tower

This is a typical Pentium II from late 1998. It has a Taiwanese Atrend board, Pentium II processor and it primarily had 64MB of RAM, later upgraded to 128MB. Graphics board is nVidia RiVA128, AGP-based 4MB accelerator quite nice for late 1990s.
In its initial state it had Asus CD-ROM drive, later it was replaced by Teac CD recorder.
These computers were purchased near 1998-1999 as home computers for simple office works and gaming.

Approx. year late 1998

Class ATX
CPU Intel Pentium II
Speed 350MHz
(2x64MB PC100 DIMM)
Mainboard Atrend ATC6240
Graphics nVidia RIVA 128
Sound Yamaha OPL3SAx
Ports I/O On-board, 2xCOM, LPT,
Network RTL8029 PCI
10MBit, RJ45/BNC
System expansion bus 2x 16-bit ISA
5x PCI
1x AGP
Floppy/removable media drives 1x 3.5" 1.44MB floppy disk drive
Hard disks/ATA devices: Seagate ST36531A (6.3G,ATA)
IDE disk drawer.

Peripherals in collection:
 - None

Other boards:


Casing ATX tower
Non-standard expansions: None
Operating system(s): MS Windows 98

My unit has been purchased in late 1998, with 6.3GB hard disk and 64MB of RAM, and I used it until early 2005. In 2000 I got a HDD drawer for external hard disk (which was never installed). Few years later I bought 40GB drive and CD writer, I also got a GeForce 2 video board. It was used with Windows 98 until 2005, when I bought 2GHz Athlon.
It is now restored as close to initial state as possible. I also have a keyboard and mouse which was bought with it, it came with 15-inch Daewoo CRT monitor, it haven't survived.

Contents: Starting, usage Drivers  


The mainboard is a typical PC mainboard, boots to well known 4.51PG Award BIOS, there are only a few things to remember:

1. There are many ATC-6240 mainboards with different chipsets. The first 6240 had Intel 440BX chipset, and this mainboard came in at least 3 versions (1.1, 2, 3). There was also 6240V with VIA chipset and APM6240. They are not BIOS-compatible and flashing BIOS of one model to another makes mainboard inoperable. Manual for the first 6240 had never been published on the Internet, so I supply my scan. There was no driver supplied with it.

2. These mainboards, especially v1.1, had very poor RAM sockets and they may fail. More, it is an art to make it run with RAM you have as it's extremely picky about what DIMMs it can run. There is even a FAQ about it.

3. In version 1.1, ISA slot is moved a fraction of milimeter towards PCI slots. In most casings it causes no problems. In some cases you will get contact problems and instabilities when using e.g. sound cards, I recommend then to loosen screws keeping mainboard, re-seat boards and tighten the screws back.

4. Later units are prone to capacitor plague.

My mainboard had its BIOS updated to this version (118a or 1.1 08) when I bought 40GB hard disk. Since then it suffered problems when manually entering geometry for drives larger than 8GB, in fact only autodetect works in these drives. You have been warned.






ATC-6240 BIOS for V1.1
ATC-6240 manual - DJVu format
ASUS CD-ROM drive drivers - from floppy, for DOS.
ASUS CD-ROM drive manual
Genius Mouse manual
Genius Mouse drivers - from floppy, for DOS
RTL8029 manual - for PCI network adapter.
nVidia RIVA128 manual
nVidia RiVA 128 drivers - for Win98
Yamaha OPL3SAx manual
Yamaha OPL3SAx driver - CD contents, for Win98

BIOS in archived ATrend site