AMD K6-2 Kontrol Komputer

An unusual machine from mid/late 1999. The casing looks later, but power unit is early too. The ATX casing has an atypical AT bracket which allows to install an AT-factor mainboard into ATX casing. The machine has markings from "Kontrol Komputer", probably from south-east of Poland. The hard disk is later, from late 1999.
The mainboard was popular around 1998, used with various CPUs, from MMX Pentium to late K6-2. However, with newer K6-2 it requires BIOS upgrade.

Approx. year 1998/99

Class AT/X
Speed 300MHz
(2x64MB SIMM 72-pin)
Mainboard Asus SP97-V
Graphics Onboard SIS 5598
Sound Creative CT4810 PCI
Ports I/O On-board, 2x COM, 1x LPT, PS/2, FDD, 2xIDE
Network 3Com 3C905 PCI
System expansion bus 3x 16-bit ISA slot
4x PCI slot
Floppy/removable media drives 1x 3.5" 1.44MB floppy disk drive
Hard disks/ATA devices: Samsung SV1364D (17GB, CHS: 28550/16/63)

IDE CD-ROM drive

Peripherals in collection:
 - None

Other boards:


Casing ATX tower with AT plug-in
Non-standard expansions: None
Operating system(s): MS Windows 98SE

Contents: Starting, configuration Drivers  

Starting, configuration

Some addition to mainboard's manual:

I. RESET BIOS when ATX power is used:

1. Power off, remove power cable.
2. Remove battery, wait a few minutes.
3. Place the battery back.
4. Jumper to 2-3 (clear CMOS)
5. Wait a few minutes.
6. Jumper back, power cable in, power on.

II. Bus frequencies not included in manual:

FS0: 1-2
FS1: 2-3
FS2: 2-3
FS3: 1-2?
83MHz Bus:
FS0: 2-3
FS1: 1-2
FS2: 1-2
FS3: 2-3

III. Multipliers not included in manual:

CPU A: Pentium 75-166, K5 PR75-133
CPU B: Pentium 166-233, K5 PR75-PR133
CPU C: IBM/Cyrix 6x86-PR166+
CPU D: IBM/Cyrix 6x86L-PR166+
CPU E: IBM/Cyrix 6x86L-PR200+
CPU F: AMD K6 PR166-PR300
CPU G: K6-2, K6-III, K6-2+, K6-III+

BF0  1-2    2-3    2-3    1-2    2-3    2-3    1-2    1-2
BF1  1-2    1-2    2-3    2-3    1-2    2-3    2-3    1-2
BF2  1-2    1-2    1-2    1-2    2-3    2-3    2-3    2-3
A    1.5x   2.0x   2.5x   3.0x    -      -      -      -  
B    3.5x   2.0x   2.5x   3.0x    -      -      -      -  
C    3.0x   2.0x   1.0x    -      -      -      -      -  
D    3.0x   2.0x   2.0x    -      -      -      -      -  
E     -     2.0x   2.0x    -     1.5x   1.5x    -      -  
F    3.5x   2.0x   2.5x   3.0x   4.0x   4.5x    -      -  
G    3.5x   6.0x   2.5x   3.0x   4.0x   4.5x   5.0x   5.5x

IV. Additional voltages (if the same configuration exists for two voltages, autodetection should choose).

2.0V:          2.4V:        2.9V:
VID0: NONE     VID0: NONE   VID0: 1-2
VID1: 2-3      VID1: NONE   VID1: 2-3
VID2: NONE     VID2: 1-2    VID2: 2-3

2.1V:          2.5V:        3.2V:
VID0: 1-2      VID0: 1-2    VID0: 2-3
VID1: 2-3      VID1: NONE   VID1: 2-3
VID2: 2-3      VID2: 1-2    VID2: 1-2

2.2V:          2.8V:
VID0: NONE     VID0: 2-3
VID1: 1-2      VID1: 2-3
VID2: NONE     VID2: 2-3    

3.4V (STD): 2-3, 2-3, 2-3 (VID0, VID1, VID2)
3.5V (VRE): 1-2, 2-3, 2-3 (VID0, VID2, VID2)





Additional jumper settings archived from Asus webpage.
Manual and drivers in ASUS website. Yes, for Win98 you need drivers for VGA.
Audio drivers for Creative 4810 PCI with CT2518.
3C905 Win98 driver for network adapter.

Warning for audio drivers. The drivers supplied here (SBAUDIOSetupus.exe, sbapw9x.lib) have quite flawed installation. It literally rams through the system overwriting files blindly. If there is still no volume control, try to use one from Start menu. DOS compatibility is not well maintained in these drivers.