IDT 200MHz Tower

You can't afford Pentium II or Celeron? You stay with Pentium I MMX. You want over 200MHz even cheaper? You can buy a non-Intel CPU. That's an example of such computer, with IDT CPU, being offered sometimes as a base and sometimes as an upgrade for Socket 7 mainboards for a sohrt time between 1997 and 1998. The mainboard is a typical "PC-Chips-like" but branded Matsonic, with a sound chip built-in. It has also USB and game port, being AT form factor with possibility to connect ATX power supply unit.
The video board - Matrox Mystique - is quite good board for its time. It allows to have some acceleration and even play some games in 3D.

Approx. year 1997/8

Class AT/ATX
CPU Intel WinChip C6
Speed 200MHz
Mainboard Matsonic
Graphics Matrox Mystique
Sound OnBoard CMI8330 sound chip
(Win98: drivers needed)
Ports I/O Onboard (2x COM 1x LPT,
2x IDE, 1x FDD, PS/2, USB)
Network Realtek RTL8029AS (PCI)
System expansion bus 3x 16-bit ISA slot
4x PCI slot
Floppy/removable media drives 1x 3.5" 1.44MB floppy disk drive
Hard disks/ATA devices: 4GB hard disk
CD-ROM drive

Peripherals in collection:
 - None

Other boards:


Casing Standard small AT tower with ATX PSU
Non-standard expansions: None
Operating system(s): Windows 98SE

Contents: Starting, usage Drivers Links


The mainboard starts normally, there are two BIOS setups possible: In earlier versions it's a typical AMI with pseudo-windowed GUI (older versions like 071595). With newer it's text mode. While using DIMMs RAM settings can be maxed out.
The CPU is set from BIOS Setup.

To make sound work it may be needed in Windows to change its resources from configuration "000000" to "000001" or something like this. If during playing sound it stutters, there is definitely some hidden resource conflict which has to be fixed this way.

The manual does not specify pinouts for sound connector, here is my attempt to discover these. The sound connector is the same as gameport, but after a missing pin:

   . . .
    o  o < GEMAPORT...
    o  o < GAMEPORT...
    o  o
?-> o  o <--GND
    o  o <-- ???Input???
    o  o <-- GND (2x)
    o  o
  L     R <--Output






MS-5025s BIOS and manual can be downloaded on its page (archived, scroll to the bottom), if it's not found, choose a different date.
Sound drivers
  Matrox Mystique has its drivers in Win98. The same as Realtek network board.





Links - Matrox Mystique extended information.