IBM PS/1 Model 2123

Another PS/1 model, a cost-reduced PC which was not so powerful as PS/2, but affordable for home and small office. This model was made inside a PS/2 Model 30-like casing and, by having faster 386 processor was called "PS/1 PRO" or marketed as "Limited edition".

Manufacturer IBM

Origin USA
Year of unit 1993
Year of introduction 1992
Class AT
CPU Intel 80386SX
Speed 20MHz
RAM 2MB (expandable with 72-pin SIMMs)
ROM PC BIOS, BASIC (boots if it can't boot form anything).
Graphics VGA
Sound PC Speaker
System expansion bus ISA
Floppy/removable media drives 1x 1.44MB 3.5" FDD (proprietary connector).

Hard disk: 400MB (not original)


Peripherals in collection:

Other cards:


Non-standard expansions: None
Operating system(s): MS-DOS, originally 5.0.

I don't have this unit anymore because during its operation it damaged itself from the bad power supply unit. After PSU fault, mainboard, hard disk and floppy disk drive have been electrically destroyed, probably by high voltage. I still have its mainboard, but I don't have casing anymore.

Expansion of this computer can be made using 72-pin SIMMs, but these modules are proprietary. If you have luck, some old SIMMs for normal 486 mainboards will work, but by the cost of BIOS errors on startup and slowing the computer a bit.

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PS/1, if it has nowhere to boot from, may jump to on-ROM BASIC. In other cases it will boot floppy or hard disk. BIOS messages are usually not in English, but as code numbers. Code numbers can be checked here.

Boot disk (also contains diagnostic disk)

This boot disk can be found (as 2123strt.exe) on many PCBBS mirrors. However in these mirrors one thing has been skipped: Files index. It was constantly updated, so it doesn't contain index of /ps1/ folder. This folder was absent in IBM side some time, while mirrors preserved it. The result is that files in ps1 folder may not be indexed in allfiles.txt in your PCBBS mirror.





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