Sharp Memowriter EL-7000

Manufacturer Sharp

Origin Japan
Year of unit 198?
Year of introduction 1981
Type Calculator / Text processor
This is quite interesting machine: Powered by external power supply unit or built-in batteries, it has two modes of operation, switched by power switch: In the first mode, it works as a typical calculator, with some simple programming ability. This mode is also used to record results of calculations and to perform mathematical operations. It however lacks an ability to store complex programs, like in more advanced programmable calculators.
The second mode is a "typewriter" mode, which is also a bit programmable as has the "word" memory to repeat common templates. In this mode it is possible to fill a line on the display using keyboard, and then print it. It is possible to store some text and fill the rest, making it useful in small, repetitive printing. However, the only paper on which it prints is a small ribbon paper, similar to one for printing receipts, so it's not a full typewriter. A small dot matrix printer is built in, using ERC-05 ribbon cartridge or its clone.
The device is built around proprietary chips, probably CMOS technology. It has two moduiles: Mainboard with LCD, keyboard (on the other side) and chips and printer/power board in the bottom. As batteries are built-in, they may leak so they should be removed from units.

After charging the batteries/powerint it with power supply unit, you may need to press "Reset" on the bottom to make it start.

Unfortunately my unit has darkened LCD, so not much is visible on it. However, it is possible to write, move the printer and calculate if it is visible in some LCD digits.

Power supply:

1 - 6V DC, 150-200mA
2 - GND

Warning: The "4.8V DC 1.91W" in the bottom sticker is about the battery pack! Generally, the supply/charger is not regulated, but avoid overvoltage.

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