BHT-2061 data collector

Manufacturer Nippon-Denso

Origin Japan
Year of unit 199?
Year of introduction ??
Type Data collector
This portable device was used to collect data, mostly from barcodes, in warehouses. It has IR port for communicating with PC and barcode scanner.
Using data collectors changed warehouse management - employees could just walk in warehouse and scan incoming goods, then dump data to PC. By scanning outcoming goods it was possible to automate warehouse management.
Unfortunately I don't have much information about this device. Japanese manufacturer made only hardware with base OS, then systems seller installed their own software, In my unit systems seller is ICS, from Germany, and software is "Easy pack 4.0". This unit is quite old, so even ICS has no information about it in their web site.

To power device up, use 5V (or 6V, not recommended) DC power supply and connect it to battery charging terminals:

(bottom of device)

If there's no battery - front one is +, right one is -.