Other stuff

All other things I got. Sometimes I get things other than purely 8-bit computers, PCs or similar, so here I'll describe the most interesting ones. Here you'll find unknown parts of electronics, handheld devices, early electronic diaries / organizers etc.

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Manufacturer Model Type
Rolodex inc. Electrodex Electronic organizer
Rolodex inc. Rolodex 32K Electronic organizer
Casio SF-9500 Electronic organizer
Psion HC-120 Data collector
Brother WP-70 Text processor
Canon StarWriter 95 Text processor
Psion Workabout MX Data collector
Ameprod TVG-10 Pong TV game
Transled Transled Driver
??? MP-ROM MP3 player
Rouvoet electronics Unknown mainboard Mainboard
IBM Parts of mainframe-related electronics Modules
?? (Soviet Union) Parts of computer Modules
- ZX97 Lite 8-bit Computer
- Z80 CP/M computer 8-bit Computer
Nippon-Denso BHT-2061 Data collector
Elwro Elwirka Synthesizer
Shimadzu C-R4A Chromatopac Control computer