KT Technology Pocket HardDisk

You think that thumb drive is rather new invention? Well, this is a portable disk from late 80s, sold to mid-90s. In 1993 it was expanded to 100 or 200MB, in 1995 to 500MB but this little drive is 40MB. Inside, there's a 2.5" IDE notebook hard drive connected to module, which allows it to be plugged to parallel port of PC. Power is taken from keyboard connector. Drivers can be stored on a boot disk taken with the disk to access data in every DOS computer.

Unfortunately PHd made by KT Technology is not easy expandable - it allows to put only a disk which was designed to, not larger one, and DOS driver is dedicated for drive size.

Last units or clones contained Shuttle's EPAT parallel-to-IDE chip installed on EPEZ module. Theoretically it could be upgraded with bigger hard disk.

Manufacturer: KT Technology

Type: Portable disk
Capacity:  40MB

Review from Chip magazine, 06.1995 [Polish]

Win 95 - not tested, probably incomplete, very poorly written driver. Code is from DOS driver from 1993.
MS and PC-DOS: Disk image (5.25"), Files

Box details
Box label Inside PHd itself
With all accessories, floppy disks and manuals Compare its size to parallel port connector. Label contains only necessary information.
Inside Other 2 modules, early PHd and EPEZ. Early PHd module
Is runs with dedicated chip EPEZ module It's a typical EPAT installed.