This one is strange... it's a SCSI-2 device to read/write PCMCIA flash cards. It's quite complex, it has its firmware and processor. I never tried it, but it should read PCMCIA cards, and even some SRAM cards!
This device is very flexible, it's well documented and allows even to access rare types of cards, such as ROM, EPROM cards, or reading OTP cards. It can erase EEPROM cards too. Reader supplies 5V and 12V according to card's requirements. Compatible with PC, Apple and some Unix systems. Definitely high-end device, in external version coming in a small 3.5" enclosure.

Unfortunately my unit lacks very important component - the front panel. It still can be powered and operated, but is incomplete.

Manufacturer: MPL

Type: Card reader
Capacity:  Depends on cards



You can find support files on Manufacturer's website or in package here. Docs are in separate package.
In some rare cases, it's needed to downgrade firmware to this version (/G version only, version 3.8).