Exabyte EXB-8500

This SCSI Data8 streamer is a modular device with hardware compression (model 8500c), advanced driver and complex electronics. It uses a proprietary 8mm tape format, visually similar to DDS, to store up to 5GB data on a single tape.
See here for tape info, or look at detailed specification.

Manufacturer: Exabyte

Type: Helical magnetic streamer, SCSI
Capacity:  5GB
 - Currently I don't have any tapes for this streamer.


Notice modular construction and SIMM memory buffer (second photo in lower row).



This is a mirror of now-defunct support site in Tandberg Data website.


Warning from me: Please DO NOT flash firmware if it's not necessary. I take no responsibility if you brick your hardware, and flashing firmware is always a risk.

EXB-8500, EXB-8500c Installation and Operation
Tabletop CTS Installation
Tabletop CTS Product Specification
EXB-8500 and EXB-8500c Specification (compressed PDF)
EXB-8500c User's Manual
EXB-8500 Maintenance
EXB-8500 Illustrated Parts Catalog
EXB-8500 Mid-tape Wake-up Command (8500 ONLY)
Serial Diagnostic cable
EXB-8500 user's manual (8500 ONLY)

EXB-8500c and EXB-8500 downloads

8500c Tape Drive Firmware
DEC Alpha NT 3.51 8500c Tape Drive Device Driver
DEC Alpha NT 4.0 8500c and 8500 Tape Drive Device Driver
Novell NetWare 4.10 and 3.12 8500c and 8500 Tape Drive Device Driver
Novell NetWare 5.0 8500c and 8500 Tape Drive Device Driver
Microsoft WindowsNT 3.51 8500c and 8500 Tape Drive Device Driver
Microsoft WindowsNT 4.0 8500c and 8500 Tape Drive Device Driver   OLDER VERSION HERE
Utility: EXPERT for DOS and the 8500c, 8500
Utility: CTS Monitor for DOS, 8500c and 8500
Firmware: Generic 8500C ROM image   85000c ONLY!


Please download 8500c Tape Drive Firmware to get instructions about firmware upgrading!

Firmware: 8500C ROM without SCSI enhancements  85000c ONLY!
Firmware: Miscellaneous set of 8500C firmware dumps 85000c ONLY!

EXB-8500-only Downloads

8500 Tape Drive Firmware 


Instructions how to flash are in 8500c Tape Drive Firmware package!

Firmware: Generic 8500 ROM image
Firmware: 8500 with SCSI enhancements off
Firmware Miscellaneous set of 8500 ROMs

Other things

EXB Misc tools (not tested)