DDS Tape and streamer

This format, storing data on DAT tape, has quite long history. It was one of the first using helical track scanning, allowing to increase density on 3.6mm tape. In 1989, first DDS (as Digital Data Storage) units could store up to 1.5GB on a single tape. Newest ones can store 36GB and more.
There are a few formats which are not interchangeable and partially backwards-compatible, as they use different track widths and lengths (see here).
These streamers usually have 2 LEDs (tape status/operation and cleaning indicator) and eject button.

Manufactured by: HP, ?

Type: DAT helical streamer, SCSI
Capacity: 1-36GB (depends on type)



    DDS 8GB streamer, there's also black version

Another unit, inside (notice green head cleaning part near head drum), tape loaded, external unit (drive door missing)