ActionTEC Camera Connect Pro

Today we plug cards in built-in reader or use external USB card readers. But before USB it was harder. There were very expensive SCSI card readers. Cheaper units, many times built in cameras used serial port and were very slow. CompactFlash cards could be installed as hard drives, but it required BIOS reconfiguration.
Released in 1999, Camera Connect Pro was solution of this problem. It used faster parallel port, and was extremely reliable - it's more reliable than today's cheap USB card readers!
It can read and write CompactFlash, SmartMedia and PCMCIA Flash memory, but it can't deal with PCMCIA battery-backed RAM cards. It doesn't require power supply, as it takes power from keyboard. The only downfall was support of only one card at a time - it is impossible to put 2 cards in 2 slots and for example copy files between them.
It can be used with Windows 95, 98 or NT.

Manufacturer: ActionTec

Type: Card reader
Capacity:  Depends on cards used



 You can download drivers in Manufacturer's Support Site, or  here. Documents are in PDF.

There may be problems if you use it with other drive-like parallel port devices. Parallel port CD-ROMs, HDDs, CD burners should be installed to another port or switched. Especially EPAT modules with HDDs can cause problems.
This device contains Parallel to ATAPI bridge, driver supplied here (but driver is for external CD-ROM, for experimenting purposes only), which reads CF cards.