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Things to note: SyncThing under WinXP

2019-03-28 00:17:18,  In: Other

PROBLEM: SyncThing 1.0.1 used to synchronize data on different machines updates itself to newer version, also under WinXP. Newer versions don't work under WinXP, so the program does not start again. Literally it's damaging itself.
SOLUTION: Turning automatic update off does NOT work in 1.0.1 it's specified like "Disabled by administrator" in options related to it. To disable updating manually, open your C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Application data\Syncthing\config.xml ("Application Data" may be translated) and change autoUpgradeIntervalH parameter to zero (0). Now downgrade to 1.0.1 and start it. Currently it works, if it will stop there will be a problem with lots of XP machines connected to programmers and similar machinery.

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