Links to pages related to old computers, IT, "computerology", old software or retrocomputing (if it's not selling mugs with stolen logos). Links to pages for specific computers are found in computers' pages.

Last update: April 2020

The shovel icon Archived means that the website is a historical copy in Internet Archive's servers. It may be not working well or be incomplete. Good luck with archeology.

A quick language reference:  EN - English (both British and USA);  PL - Polish;  RU - Russian;  GER - German.

1. Old computers

Cliff Lawson's Amstrad site EN Archived - site with resources for Amstrad computers.
VCFED EN - They have a good forums related to different old computers. Mostly American collectors. EN - Information about many old computers.
Obsolete Technology EN - Description and photos of many old, and very old, computers.
Soviet Digital Electronics Museum ENRU - As title says. I recommend to visit this site as there are computers too.

Notatnik Fana Starych Komputerów PL Archived - a very well known site with old computers information. It is, or was, one of the biggest collections in Poland.
Przytul Grata PL - A nice collection of various old computer hardware.

Robotron Technik GER - description of German hardware, mostly computers, made by Robotron combinate.
9Hal Archiv GER - Archive of Robotron-related technical documentation. Extremely useful in repairs.

ZX-PK.RU RU - Russian site about ZX Spectrum and clones. In their forums there is much  information about Eastern block computers.
Computer Nostalgy RU - If you don't know Russian, go to photo gallery (Фотовыставка) in the manu in top of page.


Mirrors for TotalHardware 99 for April 2020:
Good luck finding your jumpers. If none of it works, search for the following exact phrase: "jumper settings for 18655 devices"

Wiby - a search engine of "lightweight", small websites, browsable on old computers.


2. Software

CSDB EN - Scene, programs and demos database for Commodore 64
Math Archives EN - hundreeds of DOS/early Windows math software

Software fur Amiga GER Archived - if you want to start your own Amiga...



3. History

ToastyTech GUIs EN - History of Graphical User Interface.
GUIdebook EN - Various GUIs in screenshots

aTTached PL - Site by Mr. Wichary, with information about old computers in Poland, mostly articles from old magazines.



4. General IT, Internet, Linux

Debian EN - because... why not?

Online Spyware Watchdog EN - Which software spies on users and how?

Richard M. Stallman EN - A mandatory link to a website of the GNU creator.



5. Electronics

Chipdir EN - Integrated Circuits finder/directory.
GIICM EN - List of digital 74xx and 40xx chips with descriptions and pinouts
Zeptobars EN - they take photos of integrated circuits. To be exact - their internals. EN - A very good reference for connector pinouts.

Była sobie elektronika PL - Museum of old electronic components. Very interesting photos of details!
Menuet UKF PL - Blog about old radio technology... and not only
Wirtualne Muzeum Telefonów PL - A virtual museum of Polish telephones.
UKE Telemuzeum PL Archived - A museum site of telecommunications which was made by Polish Telecommunications Bureau.

Музей электронных раритетов RU - Museum of Soviet electronic components.
RW6ASE's site RU - Site presents different Soviet electronic devices, mostly Radio/TV/Video but not only,



6. Other interesting sites

Old Calculators Web Museum EN - An interesting calculator collection

These below are related to radiation and nuclear technology:

Dozymetria PL - Polish blog about radiation meters, testing and scaling them,
Nuclear Today PL - A really well-written blog about nuclear power, reactors, devices and radiation.
Promieniotwórczość wokół nas PL - Radiation and its measurement. Also, reviews of Geiger counters and other equipment.



7. Interesting YouTube channels I found to kill time:

These are mostly related to electronics, not old computers.

Reduktor Szumu PL - And this is about audio equipment, devices are repaired and described.

The 8-bit Guy EN - This is about old computers, yet some details of restoration procedures are not clear.
Shango066 EN - Guy who is repairing old, tube TVs and explaining how are they diagnosed.
Mr Carlson's Lab EN - Radio and measurement equipment.
The craft of picture tube rebuilding EN - This 1.5-hour documentary shows rebuilding of various old cathode ray tubes. It has been took in now-closed Hawkeye plant in USA.