SDLTRS file import - working method

I tried to import BAS file to Windows version of SDLTRS emulator using included IMPORT command. Unfortunately all my tries were futile - BAS file was imported in 5kB part, and the rest was cut off.

How to do it right way? On some Russian blog I downloaded These tools, get them and extract in Your SDLTRS directory.

Now open Windows command prompt, CD  to SDLTRS directory and type:

VFORMAT temp.dsk

This will create an empty disk image compatible both with VWRITE and SDLTRS.

Now just:

VWRITE myfile.bas temp.dsk

will write the file.

Now you can mount the file in SDLTRS and do whatever you want. Moving files off DSK is done with VREAD, VDIR and VDEL ale self-explainatory.

MCbx, 2012

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