List of 3D-printable things

Here is a list of things I did for 3D printing to help my old computers get to running. For other things, I recommend going to Thingiverse as I found many of replacement parts there.
Thanks to my friend, who allowed me to test my prints, I offer here my models to download and print. I usually print with supports available with Prusa slicer 2.x, but it is possible to print without. Most of these models have been made in BRL-CAD or FreeCAD. Everything here is as always on CC-BY-NC-SA.


Thing: Key for Siemens PC/X, PC/D, PG-6xx and similar.

A key for Siemens PC/X, PC/D, PG685 or similar keyboards. If a key does not fit and protrudes, it may be needed to remove a bit of material from bottom part of a keycap.

STL file


Thing: Apple 815-1239 Power/reset Buttons Assembly
For Power Macintosh 8100, Quadra 800, Workgroup Server 8150 etc.

Measured from Quadra 800, printed and successfully used in Workgroup Server 8150.
This is a bit hard to print as it's quite complex model. Button plungers must move freely and be "hanging" only on springing parts. Thus, the springing parts should not be printed the way that stress, normal during operation, could cause delamination. The only alignment in which squeezing springs would not cause delamination is to print the shape on the side, which in advance makes supports so hard to remove that you will rip the part anyway during removing of supports.
So, I printed it on the "bottom", means big flat part with two holes to the bottom. This way it went skewed, but printed well and it operates. To strengthen springs which may delaminate, it may be needed to weld (using e.g. a hot soldering iron) a short piece of metal wire (from paperclip) in parallel to the vertical part of springs when it turns to the button front.

STL file


Thing: Key for Flying Fish mechanical calculator

A digit (small) key for Flying Fish mechanical calculator. Preferably print without supports as supoprt may block the hole for metal part and this is not easy to remove. There is 8mm of hole inside, so if it's too high, remove material from the bottom.

STL file


Last Update: 2020-02-08

MCbx, 2020

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