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Old Computer-related pictures and photos

» Museum » Portable
           Amstrad PPC512   [45 pictures]
Amstrad PPC512 Portable PC
           Armada 1120   [17 pictures]
Compaq Armada 1120
           Atari Portfolio   [21 pictures]
Atari Portfolio Pocket PC
           Bondwell B200   [19 pictures]
Bondwell B200 laptop computer
           CA6100   [19 pictures]
California Access CA6100
           CN-600   [38 pictures]
Canon CN-600 notebook with printer dock.
           Compaq Armada M700   [9 pictures]
Compaq Armada M700
           Compaq LTE 5300   [21 pictures]
Compaq LTE 5300
           Contura 4 33c   [12 pictures]
Compaq Contura Aero 4/33C
           Copam   [25 pictures]
Copam+ 386 notebook computer
           FT-4000   [24 pictures]
aristo FT-4000
           HP 200LX   [18 pictures]
HP 200LX Pocket PC
           HP 360LX   [16 pictures]
HP 360LX
           Halikan LA-30   [25 pictures]
Chaplet Halikan LA-30A
           HiNote 433   [20 pictures]
Digital HiNote 433
           HiNote VP   [18 pictures]
           Highscreen 386   [21 pictures]
Highscreen (?) 386 portable LCD computer
           Lifebook C325   [15 pictures]
Fujitsu Lifebook C325
           Nec MultiSpeed HD   [33 pictures]
Nec MultiSpeed HD laptop
           Olivetti Echos P75   [17 pictures]
Olivetti Echos P75
           Omnibook 2000ct   [22 pictures]
HP Omnibook 2000ct
           Omnibook 2100   [17 pictures]
HP Omnibook 2100
           Packard Bell Statesman   [19 pictures]
Packard Bell Statesman
           Palm V   [10 pictures]
3Com Palm V
           Panasonic CF-35   [15 pictures]
Panasonic CF-35
           Powernote   [24 pictures]
No-name PowerNote laptop
           Psion Revo   [20 pictures]
Psion Revo
           Rocky IIFX   [31 pictures]
Siltech Rocky IIFX (RT686 EX)
           Samsung NoteMaster 386s   [20 pictures]
Samsung NoteMaster 386s/25
           Sanyo MBC-16LT   [9 pictures]
Sanyo MBC-16LT
           Scenic Mobile 800   [19 pictures]
Siemens Scenic Mobile 800
           Siemens PCD 4ND   [28 pictures]
Siemens-Nixdorf PCD-4ND
           Siemens PG685   [41 pictures]
Siemens Simatic PG-685
           Sparcbook 3TX   [22 pictures]
Tadpole Sparcbook 3TX
           Tandy 1100FD   [17 pictures]
Tandy 1100FD
           Tecra 8100   [12 pictures]
Toshiba Tecra 8100
           ThinkPad 1300   [9 pictures]
IBM ThinkPad i Series 1300
           ThinkPad 560   [16 pictures]
IBM ThinkPad 560
           ThinkPad 755CSE   [23 pictures]
IBM ThinkPad 755CSE
           ThinkPad 760e   [12 pictures]
IBM ThinkPad 760e (internals of later model)
           ThinkPad 850   [31 pictures]
IBM ThinkPad Power Series 850
           Toshiba T1200   [43 pictures]
Toshiba T1200 with T1200XE manual
           Toshiba T2150   [18 pictures]
Toshiba T2150CDS
           Toshiba T3200   [26 pictures]
Toshiba T3200 Portable PC
           Toshiba Tecra 550   [16 pictures]
Toshiba Tecra 550CDT
           Toughbook CF27   [11 pictures]
Panasonic Toughbook CF-27 Mk 1
           Zenith SlimsPort 286   [20 pictures]
Zenith SlimsPort 286 notebook

All pictures are: Licencja Creative Commons.