Other calculators

Here are all other old electronic calculators I have.

Commodore SR-36

Type Scientific pocket
Display: LED
Keyboard: Membrane.
Chip: MOS
Display driver: ??
Batteries: Built-in battery
Operations: +, -, /, *, Decimal Point, trigonometric, powers, roots, logairthms, %, memory.
Early (1970s) pocket scientific calculator with normal notation, allowed to input computations as they're written in a piece of paper, not in programmed-in notation (usually RPN - operator then arguments). It offered many functions, but had one disadvantage: a built-in battery, rechargeable only with charger. This unit came in very bad condition, red glass is from another calculator and battery pack is missing (it works from external 5-9V DC power supply unit). Converter seems to work without transistor.
2019 Update: Got a power supply, according to previous owner it was for SR36 - it's for some reason 4.5V, 200mA, but it works. Some sources claim that it was for GL-997R calculator.
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 - In Calc museum - known as" Electronic slide rule".

Manufacturer Numbers Memory
Engineering notation Short manual Inside
Chips. Notice lack of transistor. Keyboard PCB solder side



Type Simple pocket
Display: VFD
Keyboard: Membrane
Chip: TI TMS1045NL
Display driver: None (direct)
Battery: 2x 1.5V AA
Operations: +, -, /, *, Decimal Point, %,sqrt, memory, Pi, x^2, 1/x, brackets.
One of many Japanese VFD-based calculators, with Toshiba VFD tube and Textas Instruments chip. This unit was bought in Poland and had some electrolyte damage, but it was repaired. I have no idea about manufacturer or year, but probably 1970s.
Carrying cover Numbers and memory Pi.
No information about manufacturer Inside Mainboard with fix (comma was not working)


Lloyd's Accumatic 311

Type Simple pocket
Display: VFD
Keyboard: Membrane.
Chip: TI TMS1071NL
Display driver: None (direct)
Battery: 4x1.5V AA
Operations: +, -, /, *, Decimal Point, %,sqrt, 1/x, memory.
Another pocket VFD calculator from mid-1970s. Uses 4 AA batteries, allows to do simple operations. VFD was made by Toshiba.
This unit was also destroyed by electrolyte, but not so much as BMS, electronic part was good. In Poland batteries were manufactured with low-quality process and leaked many times.
Carrying pouch Numbers and minus Error (division by 0)
Error (overflow) Error (sqrt(-3)) Instructions are worn out
Inside VFD Mainboard