Macintosh IIvi

   A stripped-down version of Macintosh IIvx, Mac IIvi was sold in Europe. It has no FPU and only 16Mhz processor. Because it wasn't popular (memory expansions were expensive and with 4MB of RAM it was not fast) it was discontinued 4 months after release. Memory expansions were expensive - the only non overpaid option was 1MB expansion, giving 5MB of RAM. This allowed to run System 7.1 flawlessly and work with some basic office applications.

Model No: M1350

Year: 1992
Discontinued: 1993
CPU: Motorola 68030 16MHz
RAM: 8MB (4MB OnBoard)
Max. RAM: 68MB (4MB+4x16MB)
RAM Type: 30-pin SIMMs
Hard disk: 80MB SCSI, 3.5" SL
Floppy drives: 1 1.4M 3.5"
Other drives: Caddy loaded 2x CD-ROM
Graphics: 640x480x8 bit max.
Sound: 1-channel 8-bit speaker/jack
Display: External (15-pin connector)  
Dedicated OS: Mac System 7.1

Maximum OS: Mac System 7.6.1

Expansions:  - ADB.
 - Socket for 68882 FPU
 - PDS peripheral card slot
 - 3 NuBus slots
 - 2 72-pin SIMMs for VRAM expansion
 - ROM SIMM connector (early units)
 - VRAM expandable to 512K in SIMMs.


Peripherals in collection:
 - ADB keyboard and mouse

Connectors:  - 15-pin video conector
- External SCSI connector
 - 2 RS-422 serial ports (for printer and modem)
 - 2 ADB connectors for keyboard and mouse
 - Sound output
 - Microphone input

My unit comes from technical college where was used as teaching aid and typewriter. It runs Mac OS 7.1 with CD-ROM extension. The 2x CD-ROM still reads CDs well! The hard disk, made by Quantum, is in a good shape.