Macintosh LC/Performa 475

One of the first Macs with new Motorola 68LC040 CPU, Macintosh LC 475 was sold as LC 475, Performa 475 or ( with better case and faster CPU) Quadra 650, each of them with slightly modified pizza-box style case. The computer ran itself at 50MHz, but CPU was 25MHz, so the clock was divided. Equipped with 250MB hard drive and maximum 36MB of RAM, it was capable of running many programs. Unfortunately 68LC040 was not capable of running Apple Unix, as it has no math coprocessor.

Model No: M1476

Year: 1993
Discontinued: 1994
CPU: Motorola 68LC040 25MHz
RAM: 36MB (4MB OnBoard)
Max. RAM: 36MB (4MB+32MB SIMM)
RAM Type: 72-pin SIMM
Hard disk: 250MB SCSI, 3.5" SL
Floppy drives: 1 1.4M 3.5"
Other drives: None
Graphics: 512x384 - 1152x870, 16 - 16K colors (depends on VRAM installed).
Sound: 2-channel 8-bit/22kHz jack
Display: External (15-pin connector)  
Dedicated OS: Mac System 7.1

Maximum OS: Mac System 8.1

Expansions:  - ADB.
 - PDS peripheral card slot
 - 1 SIMM for RAM expansion
 - 2 72-pin SIMMs for VRAM expansion
 - ROM SIMM connector (early units)


Peripherals in collection:
 - ADB keyboard and mouse
 - "Startup box" with manuals and System 7.1 floppy disks.

Connectors:  - 15-pin video conector
 - 2 RS-422 serial ports (for printer and modem)
 - External SCSI connector
 - ADB connector for keyboard and mouse
 - Sound output
 - Microphone input


I have 2 units. One is LC475, the second is Performa 475, with re-designed front panel and cover. More, LC 475 has a ROM SIMM slot soldered in, installed only in early units and used to factory test different ROM revisions. There were no ROM SIMMs manufactured nor sold.
There was another model between these, a Macintosh LC475 with Performa's cover, with "LC 475" written in front rounded sticker (see photo).
My units are upgraded with 1024K of VRAM and 32MB SIMM - giving total 36MB of RAM. Hard disks are not original - 500MB.

In 1992 earlier LC unit was tested and described by Polish computer magazine Bajtek. Here are some shots of it: