Timex Computer 2048

It's a ZX Spectrum clone produced by Timex Computers in Portugal. It originated from Timex Sinclair 2048, a computer which was close to be released in US, but notoriously changing claimed technical parameters totally discouraged consumers. TS 2048 never left prototype stage.
It was sold only in Portugal, where it was manufatured, and in Poland, because it was easier to get than original British Spectrum (imported by small companies and Centralna Składnica Harcerska).
TC 2048 is much compatible with ZX Spectrum. There are only a few differences in ROM and graphics circuit (possibility to simulate 80-column mode). The plastic keyboard was much better than rubber Spectrum's membrane, and it had a power switch - which prevented digging around with power plug to reset or turn off the computer.

Manufacturer Timex Computers

Origin Portugal
Year of unit 1986
Year of introduction 1984
End of production 1989
Speed 3.5MHz
ROM 16kB
Colors: 8
Sound: 1-channel
Display modes: Text: 32x24
Graphics: 256x192,
512x192 mono.


Media: Cassette recorder,  

Power supply:

A Female DC Jack at the Computer.
1 - +9V DC 800mA Unregulated
2 - Ground

I/O: Joystick
System bus
Tape I/O
Composite video output
RF video out
Possible upgrades: Not many known.
Accessories in collection:
Software accessibility: Easy (for Spectrum, much of them are compatible)

My unit was purchased by Institute of Nuclear Physics in Cracow (but I bought it from 3th or 4th owner). It's in good technical condition, only keyboard ribbon cable had to be replaced. Unfortunately it's visual condition is not as good as inside - it was used extensively, so key labels are worn out. Prints on keyboard bezel near frequently used keys are rubbed too.

If you ask where to get these ribbons: Mine came from Elka soviet printing calculator. If you don't have one, try to use two thin copperized pieces of PCB with contact tracks cut and wires connecting them.

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In general, it's Spectrum. It behaves like ZX Spectrum. It's usage is like a Spectrum.




Recording media

It's a Spectrum clone. Look for ZX Spectrum, it's the same procedure.





Composite and RF are normal chinch/RCA connectors.

Tape I/O are Jack mono sockets, just like in Speccy.


Joystick (not sure! Giving Kempston one, it looks that TC2048 has Kempston built-in):

1 - Up
2 - Down
3 - Left
4 - Right
5 - nc ?
6 - Trigger
7 - +5V
8 - GND
9 - nc?

Short lines to ground.






www.worldofspectrum.org - Spectrum site
http://www.retroreview.com/ - ZX Spectrum (and sometimes other old computing) magazine. Last updated: 2005 :). Look in Archive section for TC2048 service manual. It's a very good manual with nice repairing procedures. Unfortunately, its IN PORTUGAL ONLY.