Other devices

All devices which can't be added to any groups.

Sinclair Magnum
ZX Spectrum +2
Manufactured by: Sinclair

Type: Light gun
Interface: Sinclair Light gun port (modification  of serial port)
This controller was shipped with Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2 when it was sold in 007 Action pack. This pack contained a computer, tapes with games and this light gun. I've never made it working because, as I don't have games for it and suitable big TV set.

There were a few models of Magnum. My unit is for ZX Spectrum +2, but there were models for Amstrad CPC or ZX Spectrum (with 9V battery power supply) available.

Here's a page  in World of Spectrum website with description of this device and games supported.





Sampler Amiga
Manufactured by: ???

Type: Sound capture
Interface: Amiga Parallel port
This small device allows orecord a short sound clips with Amiga computer. It was manufactured by many small companies in Poland, and this one is probaby from one of them. I don't know which software works with it, so I'm not even trying to run it. It has a parallel output, but made from serial data coming from some kind of ADC chips.




Mustek Matador 105 scanner
Manufactured by: Mustek

Type: Scanner
Interface: Amiga Parallel port
The scanner is a typical hand scanner, it allows to scan up to 400dpi and in monochrome, probably some kind of greyscale too. It's conected with the ordinary GSIF connector, but the GSIF interface is for Amiga parallel port. I don't have any software for it and Datel's or Touch-up programs seem not to work with this scanner.

It requires unstabilized 13-17V DC.





Manufactured by: HDP Electronics

Type: Teletext decoder
Interface: Amiga Parallel port
Teletext decoder allows to read and save  teletext pages on Amiga computer. It consists of teletext decoding chip and some interfaces to plug it into parallel port. Unfortunately I don't have any software for it.

This device needs 12V DC, male jack mono, + on the tip.
At least 350mA supply, regulated.
Chips used are SAA5231, SAA5243 and 6264 as memory buffer.





Joystick tester
Amiga, C64, Atari (Atari standard)
Manufactured by: ??

Type: Diagnostic device
Interface: Joystick connector
Simple joystick tester: It requires 9V 6F22 battery to run, and after connecting joystick it lights a LED for each direction and fire. Every time the joystick's contacts are shorted appropriate LED lights up and buzzer emits sound.
It was made in Poland in early 1990s. It is built using only wires, components and hot melting glue.
It was used in computer market in Cracow.





Timex Sinclair 1016
Timex Sinclair TS1000
Sinclair ZX81
Manufactured by: Timex Sinclair

Type: Memory expansion
Interface: TS1000 / ZX81 system bus
This is a 16kB expansion for Timex Sinclair 1000 computer. It is powered from TS1000's system bus. Inside it contains a whole converter to make +12V and -5V, and set of DRAM chips (4116) with proper line decoders and buffers.
The testing programs are supplied with manual.


   Manual: Page 1, Page 2, Warranty 1, Warranty 2.