IBM 3180 (incomplete)

IBM 3180 terminal was introduced in 1984, offering in some versions color display. Few months later cheaper green and amber versions have been released. The terminal offered specific functions to work with IBM System/36 computers.
The terminal consists of few blocks: CRT block, logic block attached to the back of the CRT unit, keyboard and cables linking everything. Keyboard had a separate universal function keys block and  specific function keys on the left.
The unit consists of few segments: CRT, logic block attacher to the rear of CRT unit, keyboard and linking cables.

The CRT unit is quite flexible, it allows to rotate, tilt and change its height by locks located on the left and right. It can be locked by a key.

Manufacturer: IBM

Model 3180
Year: 1986
CPU: Unknown
Memory: Unknown
Display: Monochrome (green) CRT
Keyboard: Dedicated
Main port: Unknown
Additional ports: Unknown, probably video input.



Peripherals in collection:
 - Keyboard


My unit unfortnately is missing logic block which should be attached to the rear, so it doesn't start. It has 4 connectors in rear: Logic edge connector, 5-pin DIN socket, BNC socket probably for picture input and typical power connector.

To open lock without key, you must use two tools. I've used a small needle-like screwdriver and larger screwdriver, both flat-blade. Larger screwdriver is used to turn the lock while smaller should be inserted simultaneously to lock.
Then you must carefully push all "brackets" (you will feel them springing inside) one after another by moving small screwdriver back and forth while constantly applying turning force by the large screwdriver. After some time of this "scratching" lock will turn as all brackets will "lock" in place like it is where there's a key inserted.