IBM ThinkPad July 10, 2000 Utility for OS/2 Version 4.14b ======================================================================== Note: From Version 3.50, different ThinkPad Utility Packages are provided for each operating system. The package contains the following packages: - Utility for OS/2 - Utility DOS - Personalization Editor - Personalization Data Update Diskette - Utility Data I (for ThinkPad 7xx,6xx family) - Utility Data II (for ThinkPad 3xx family) - Utility Data III (for ThinkPad 5xx family) What This Package Does ----------------------- This package provides the following utility programs for OS/2 users: - ThinkPad Configuration program (setup program) - Fuel-Gauge program This package enables or updates the utility programs of the following ThinkPad computers: - ThinkPad 365X, 365XD - ThinkPad 380, 380D, 380E, 380ED, 380XD, 380Z - ThinkPad 385D, 385ED, 385XD - ThinkPad 560, 560E, 560X, 560Z - ThinkPad 600, 600E - ThinkPad 760C, 760CD, 760L, 760LD - ThinkPad 760E, 760ED, 760EL, 760ELD - ThinkPad 760XD, 760XL - ThinkPad 765D, 765L - ThinkPad 770, 770E, 770ED, 770X, 770Z To determine if you have to update the utility programs or not, please refer to the "Summary of Changes" section. To update the utility programs, please refer to the "Installation Guide" section. Released Versions ----------------- Version 3.50 Initial release Version 3.51 Problem fixes Version 3.55 Support for new functions and a problem fix Version 3.56 Support for new models Version 3.57 Support for new models and a problem fix Version 4.00 Support for new models Version 4.10 Support for new models and new functions Version 4.11 Support for new models Version 4.12 Support for new models and new functions Version 4.13 Support for new models and new functions Version 4.14 Support for new models and new functions Version 4.14a Support for new functions and a problem fix Version 4.14b Support for new functions Summary of Changes ------------------ Where: Package version (for example, 1.00 means Version 1.00) (New) New function or enhancement (Fix) Correction to existing function (Restriction) Remaining restriction <3.50> -(New) Support for the XGA panel. -(Fix) The DMA button is selected in EPP mode. -(Fix) A conflict error occurs when Sound Blaster is disabled. -(Fix) The installation program displays a warning message if a later version of the program has already been installed. -(Fix) The PCI-IDE bus master driver causes data corruption on the hard disk. -(Fix) Color corruption occurs when the installation program installs the Personalization Editor as a program for the Win-OS/2 full screen. -(Fix) The installation program does not correctly recognize the space character in the response file during the CID installation. <3.51> -(Fix) The installation program does not check only OS/2 major versions. -(Fix) If an unexpected PCI adapter card is installed, a system error occurs. -(Fix) The resources of the multifunction PCI adapter card are not displayed correctly. -(Fix) (For ESS model only) An ISA adapter card using an I/O address from 330 to 333 does not work properly. -(Fix) When an external video card is installed, the advanced display setup reports an error. -(Fix) 512 characters per line cannot be handled by the ESS audio setting. -(Fix) An incorrect warning message is displayed if 56Hz is selected in 800x600 resolution with 64K color depth. <3.55> -(New) The system information panel is available. -(New) The "Resume on incoming call" option and the "Hibernate by timer" option cannot be selected at the same time. -(New) When the power mode detailed setting is changed, the selected power mode is also set. -(Fix) The CRT button does not work correctly even if the system is booted without a CRT attached. <3.56> -(New) Support for ThinkPad 560E, 380, 380D and 385D. <3.57> -(New) Support for ThinkPad 765D, 765L, 380E, 380ED and 385ED. -(Fix) Conflict Check is not done correctly on non-Midi models. <4.00> -(New) Support for ThinkPad 770. -(New) Support for ThinkPad 7xx family only. -(New) Changed the GUI program name from ThinkPad Features ThinkPad Configuration. <4.10> -(New) Support for ThinkPad 380XD and 385XD. -(New) Supported all the models by changing the diskette structure. -(New) The un-installation program is available. <4.11> -(New) Support for ThinkPad 600, 770E and 770ED. <4.12> -(New) Support for ThinkPad 560Z and 380Z. -(New) Support for version information. -(New) Support for CPU Power Management and PCI BUS Power Management settings. -(New) Fuel-Gauge program has an option to customize a window size. <4.13> -(New) Support for ThinkPad 770X and 600E. -(New) Support for the installation option for ThinkPad Configuration for DOS. <4.14> -(New) Support for ThinkPad 770Z. -(New) Utility packages have been re-organized. In installation, there is no need to do from a diskette. <4.14a> -(New) Removed BIOS part number field from the system Information screen. -(Fix) AODBSMD.SYS causes a trap D error after docked to 2 docking stations. <4.14b> -(New) Installation program was modified to support a new ThinkPad Configurator for DOS which uses less memory. Installation Instructions ------------------------- 1. Start OS/2 2. Download or move the utility file to C:\DRIVERS directory. 3. Run the file to extract all the drivers to C:\DRIVERS\OS2\UTILITY. 4. Install the ThinkPad System Management device driver as follows: a) Open a OS/2 Command Prompt Window. b) Type 'DDINSTAL' and press enter. c) In the Source Directory box, click Change... d) Switch to the drive and directory that you extracted the files to. Default path is C:\DRIVERS\OS2\UTILITY e) Click Set. f) Click Install... g) Select ThinkPad System Management Device Driver. h) Click OK. i) Click Exit, then click OK to exit the window. j) Shutdown and restart. 5. Open the OS/2 command prompt. 6. Type C:\DRIVERS\OS2\UTILITY\INSTALL2 and press Enter. 7. Follow the instructions on the screen. Determining which version is installed -------------------------------------- 1. Start the ThinkPad Configuration program. The main screen will be displayed. 2. Select 'About ThinkPad Configuration' icon on the tool bar. The 'About' dialog will be displayed. 3. The version will be displayed next to 'Utility'. Trademarks ---------- * IBM, ThinkPad, OS/2 and Win-OS/2 are registered trademarks of IBM Corporation. Other company, product, and service names may be registered trademarks, trademarks or service marks of others.