IBM ThinkPad April 24, 1997 Infrared Features Diskette Version 3.02 ====================================================================== What This Diskette Does ----------------------- The Infrared Features Diskette has drivers to support IrDA (Infrared Data Association) communication protocol. The following models are supported: - ThinkPad 535 (Japan only) - ThinkPad 560, 365X, 365XD - ThinkPad 760E, 760ED, 760EL, 760ELD - ThinkPad 760XD, 760XL Released Versions ----------------- Version 1.00 Initial release for ThinkPad 755CE/CD 1.20 New models support 2.01 New models support 3.00 New models support 3.01 Documentation change 3.02 Documentation change Summary of Changes ------------------ Where: Diskette version (for example, 1.00 means Version 1.00) (New) New function or enhancement (Fix) Correction to existing function <1.00> - (New) Windows 3.1 support for ThinkPad 755CE/CD. <1.20> - (New) Support for ThinkPad 755CX, CV, and CDV. - (New) WIN-OS/2 support. <2.01> - (New) Support for ThinkPad 760C, CD, L, and LD. <3.00> - (New) Support for ThinkPad 365X and XD, 560; and 760E, ED, EL, and ELD. - (New) ThinkPad CID installation instructions (README.CID) have been added. <3.01> - (Fix) ThinkPad CID installation instructions have been moved. <3.02> - (New) Support for an alternative installation procedure for Windows 95 large disk. Installing the Infrared Drivers ------------------------------- Note: Install the infrared drivers before you install any application programs that use the drivers. Some of the application programs replace a part of the drivers with their own code. 1. Insert the Infrared Features Diskette into the diskette drive. 2. Open the DOS command prompt. 3. Type A:Ĝ (or the drive letter for the diskette drive in your computer) and press ENTER. 4. Type UINSTALL and press ENTER. 5. Select the appropriate operating system support. You are prompted for the drive and path where Windows or WIN-OS/2 is installed. The installation utility copies the following files to the directory where Windows or WIN-OS/2 is installed: IBMIR.DLL, IBMIR.INI, IBMIR.386, IBMIR2.DLL, and IBMIRVDD.SYS (for WIN-OS/2 only). If you are using the large disk support added in Windows 95 Version 4.0095b, the installation program UINSTALL might not work. If this happens, do the following: 1. Insert this diskette into drive A. 2. Open My Computer, Control Panel, and Add/Remove Programs. 3. Click on the Windows Setup tab, and Have Disk... Choose A:Ĝ and click on OK. 4. Mark IBM IR driver for Windows 3.1x by clicking on the check box to the left of it. Then select Install. Windows 95 Considerations ------------------------- The ThinkPad InfraRed port might appear as a generic COM port in the Windows 95 Device Manager panel. This is normal because such conventional infrared applications as PDA interface programs often bypass the ThinkPad driver and directly access the InfraRed port as a COM port. The Device Manager indicates that the IR port is also a COM port as follows: Generic IrDA Compatible Device (COM1) This message may vary depending on when the Windows 95 was released. When the Device Manager does not recognize the IR port as a COM port, do the following: 1. Open the DOS prompt. 2. Type CD C:ĜWINDOWSĜINF and press Enter. 3. Type COPY MSPORTS.INF MSPORTS.BAK and press Enter. 4. Type EDIT MSPORTS.INF and press Enter. 5. Locate the following line: %*PNP0510.DeviceDesc% = NoDrv, *PNP0510 ; IR Communications Port Change this to: %*PNP0510.DeviceDesc% = ComPort, *PNP0510 ; IR Communications Port 6. Save the change. 7. From Device Manager, click on the IR port. Select Remove and OK (temporarily removing the port information from the registry). Then select Refresh and OK. 8. Shut down and restart Windows 95. Trademarks and Service marks ---------------------------- IBM, OS/2, WIN-OS/2, and ThinkPad are trademarks of IBM Corporation. IrDA is a service mark of Infrared Data Association. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.