IBM ThinkPad June 10, 1997 AudioDrive Features Diskette for OS/2 Version 1.01 ====================================================================== What This Diskette Does ----------------------- The AudioDrive Features Diskette enables and updates the audio function in the ThinkPad computer. Supported Models ---------------- - ThinkPad 365X, 365XD - ThinkPad 560, 560E - ThinkPad 760EL, 760ELD - ThinkPad 760L, 760LD - ThinkPad 760XL (New model; added on April 24, 1997) Released Version ---------------- Version 1.00 Initial release Version 1.01 Fix for some problems Summary of Change ----------------- Note: Diskette version (for example, 1.00 means Version 1.00) (New) New function or enhancement (Fix) Correction to existing function <1.00> - (New) Initial release. <1.01> - (Fix) A new installation program, ESINST.CMD, is added. ESINST.CMD deletes previously installed AudioDrive device driver and launches MINSTALL.EXE. The user can no longer mistakenly install the AudioDrive device driver without uninstalling the previously installed driver. - (Fix) With version 1.00, in some computer models, there was a problem when a user shuts down OS/2 Warp without first closing the WIN-OS/2 session. OS/2 Warp shut down successfully, but when OS/2 Warp was booted the next time, the WIN-OS/2 opening sound repeated erroneously and did not stop until the WIN-OS/2 session was closed. This problem is now fixed. Installation Guide ------------------ Notes: - The AudioDrive support software for OS/2 is supplied in the AudioDrive Features Diskette or in the hard disk drive of your computer. - If the AudioDrive Features Diskette was not supplied with your computer, the support software is contained in the hard disk drive. Create the AudioDrive Features Diskette using the diskette backup program (Diskette Factory), which is preinstalled in your computer. - Before installing the driver diskette, make sure that the OS/2 Warp Multimedia Support program (MMPM/2) is installed in your hard disk drive. Have the AudioDrive Features Diskette ready; then install the AudioDrive support software as follows: 1. Turn on the computer and start OS/2. 2. Open the OS/2 full-screen command prompt. 3. Insert the AudioDrive Features Diskette for OS/2 into the diskette drive. 4. Type A:ESINST at the command prompt; then press Enter. Necessary backups are created. 5. Select AudioDrive ES1688 from the list. Make sure the source drive is A:. If you have WIN-OS/2 installed on your computer, select ES1688 WINOS2/Windows Audio. 6. Click on Install; then follow the instructions on the screen. 7. When you have completed the installation, shut down OS/2; then restart the computer. Trademarks ---------- IBM, MMPM, OS/2, and ThinkPad are trademarks of IBM Corporation. Microsoft and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.