IBM ThinkPad June 10, 1997 AudioDrive Features Package for Windows NT 3.51 Version 1.00 ====================================================================== What This Package Does ----------------------- The AudioDrive Features Package enables or updates the audio function of the following ThinkPad computers: - ThinkPad 365X, 365XD - ThinkPad 560, 560E - ThinkPad 760EL, 760ELD - ThinkPad 760L, 760LD - ThinkPad 760XL Released Version ---------------- Version 1.00 Initial Release Summary of Change ----------------- Where: Diskette version (for example, 1.00 means Version 1.00) (New) New function or enhancement (Fix) Correction to existing function <1.00> - (New) Initial Release. Installation Guide ------------------ 1. Start Windows NT 2. Extract the AudioDrive Features Package onto the hard drive. 3. Go to Main. Click on Control Panel and then Drivers. 4. In the Install Driver menu, click on Add... and select Unlisted or Updated Driver. 5. Specify the drive and path name as C:\DRIVERS\WNT\AUDIO and select OK. 6. Select ESS1688 AudioDrive 1.05.01 as the driver and select OK. 7. Select the ESS Base I/O address. Usually, select 220, which is the default setting. However, if you are using the Token Ring driver, select 240 instead. 8. Select OK. 9. When the installation program prompts you to restart Windows NT, restart to make the change effective. Trademarks ---------- IBM and ThinkPad are trademarks of IBM Corporation. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.