README.TXT document for 560PCI.EXE This package contains the driver for the PCI Bridge for the ThinkPad 560. Extract the driver onto the hard disk. It will be unpacked to the c:\drivers\w95\bridge directory. Details: When Windows 95 is installed from scratch on a ThinkPad 560, a Standard PCI bridge is detected and you choose the Windows Default driver which works fine. The next thing that is detected is a PCI Bridge. The Windows default driver is grayed out and you must either provide it with a driver diskette or ignore it and continue. The driver did not exist on any of the existing driver diskettes for the 560. In Windows 95 device manager, the PCI bridge will have an exclamation point beside it.The oemsetup.inf file in this package is the correct driver.This is not a problem on TP 560s that were preloaded with Windows 95.On a preloaded 560 in device manager there is a PCI Standard Host Bridge listed, but no PCI Bridge. Impact: There is no performance impact or actual problem. This is a false error and can be ignored. Solution: This package has been released which will correct this false reading. When prompted for the driver for the PCI Bridge during the install process, look in c:\drivers\w95\bridge. It can also be used after Windows 95 has already been installed through device manager. From device manager select PCI Bridge and click properties then select the driver tab and click the Change driver button. Click the Have disk button and use the c:\drivers\w95\bridge directory. Windows 95 will recognize a 82430MX controller and display it by that name in device manager.