Toshiba Tecra 550CDT

I've bought this notebook as damaged as I needed spare parts, and I found that the only problem it has is with power connector desoldered from board. I've used it as my Win98 machine until I got Tecra 8100.
Tecra ntebooks were chosen because they had good quality-price ratio and were easily accessible. The only negative thing with these laptops is their pointing device: Toshiba stood long with trackpoint-only notebooks, while other manufacturers started to use touchpads. But it should be noted that for experienced user using trackpoint is as comfortable as touchpad.

Manufacturer Toshiba

Origin Japan
Year of unit 1998
Year of introduction 1996
Type Laptop, PC
CPU Intel Pentium MMX 266MHz
RAM 32MB (upgradeable by EDO SODIMM, now 64MB)
Floppy Disk In a bay
Hard Disk 2GB
Other media CD-ROM drive in a bay
Graphics and display: 1024x768 TFT
Sound: Stereo
Keyboard and pointing device: Small PC keyboard without numeric part.
OS: Windows 95/8

Power supply:

1 - Ground
2 - +15V DC, 3A

I/O:  - Serial port
 - Parallel port
 - VGA video out
 - PCMCIA x2
 - External FDD connector
 - PS/2
 - Dock connector
Possible upgrades: Memory etc.
Additional peripherals:  External FDD

To enter BIOS Setup program, press and hold ESC, then turn computer on. It should find a keyboard stuck error, then will display something like "Press F1 to enter SETUP", so press F1. Don't expect high customization.

Support for model is still (2014) available by Toshiba here.

Internet Archive has service manual!