Rocky IIfx

First of all, I decided to cover here notebooks up to 2000, not newer. But this unit is quite strange so I'll describe it.
This is a very specialised notebook for field applications in industry and military. It is waterproof, absorbs large shocks and has large tolerances of temperatures. It was sold by SilTech and it figured as "SilTech Rocky IIFX" in its papers.It has Pentium III 800MHz processor with fully passive cooling, two slots with RAM (by default 256MB) and scratch-proof screen. Its keyboard (the notebook's case is hermetically closed) is backlit to work in dark. Keys are not comfortable, but waterproof. All connectors have rubber corks to prevent water from flowing in, but these connectors are sealed inside notebook too to prevent water damaging internals. This notebook has 2 serial ports, what is quite unusual in hardware from 2002.
To this notebook I have a dock, which can be mounted on table by screws. This dock allows to connect 2 PCI cards to this notebook, has all connectors on its rear, but has no power supply - notebook's power supply must be used.
The notebook itself has quite extensible mainboard, there are connectors for different types of screens, touch overlay or indicators. Both serial ports can be used from mainboard too.

Manufacturer ??SilTech??

Origin ??
(most parts: China or Germany)
Year of unit 2002
Year of introduction ???
Type Laptop, PC
CPU Intel Pentium III 800MHz
RAM 256MB (upgradable by SODIMMs, 2 slots, no on-board memory)
Floppy Disk None (3.5" external or in a bay)
Hard Disk ?? (currently none)
Other media CD/DVD drive in a bay.
Graphics and display: 1024x768x24-bit LCD TFT, (ATI Rage 3D chip)
Sound: Stereo
Keyboard and pointing device: Small PC keyboard without numeric part, with LED backlight.
OS: Windows 2000

Power supply:

(male in notebook)

1 - Ground
2 - +19V DC, 2.5A

I/O:  - 2x PCMCIA
 - Modem
 - 2x PS/2
 - USB
 - 2 serial ports
 - VGA (15 pin)
 - Parallel port
 - Dock connector
Possible upgrades: Memory,?
Additional peripherals:  Floppy disk drive, dock

My unit comes from militiary scrap and has no hard drive nor hard drive caddy. I can't get this caddy anywhere, so I can't use it other way than from CD-ROM (it can't boot from most USB disks). It was damaged (capacitor blown in power circuit) but now it works.

Files below come (except dock manual which is scanned) from recovered Driver CD-ROM, but as this CD was scratched, I couldn't recover all. I think that they'll work, but I don't guarantee that they're completely OK.

User's guide
Dock user's manual
Modem drivers
Audio: DOS, Win9x
Audio: Windows 2000, XP
Other: BIOS, CD-ROM DOS driver, PCMCIA driver, unknown utilities