Other devices

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ThinkPad 755 port replicator IBM ThinkPad 755 line
Manufactured by: IBM

Type: Dock
Power supply: External
This is a small port replicator for ThinkPad 755, it allows practically only to connect desktop peripherals easier. The only extension it gives are 2 more PCMCIA ports in the rear of the station. }
It still needs ThinkPad power supply to work.





ThinkPad Battery Charger ThinkPad 380, 385, 560, 600, 770
Manufactured by: IBM

Type: Battery Charger
Power supply: External
This device allows to charge ThinkPad batteries not only in a notebook. It still needed notebook's power supply, but another supply can be used without problems.
The charger consists of the main unit and a set of pluggable interfaces to connect different types of ThinkPad batteries. The interface is connected with plug and held with a screw.



ThinkPad Dock II (Model 3546) ThinkPads 360, 370, 701, 750, 755, 760 lines
Manufactured by: IBM

Type: Docking ststion
Power supply: built in
This is a true docking station transforming ThinkPad into a desktop computer. It expands ThinkPad connectors adding two PS/2 ports, audio input/output using cinch connectors, SCSI bus and 2 ISA slots. 2 PCMCIA slots can be used too.
ThinkPad Dock II has option to install internal SCSI II hard drive or optical drive, as well as ISA cards. It contains internal stereo speakers. Inside IDE connector is available too.
This dock has built-in power supply unit and cooling with fan. If full-size overheating cards are installed, they can be cooled using additional 3 rear fans.

More information can be found here.