HP Omnibook 2100

I've bought this notebook as damaged as I needed spare parts, and I found that the only problem it has is with power connector desoldered from board. I've used it as my Win98 machine until I got Tecra 8100.
Tecra ntebooks were chosen because they had good quality-price ratio and were easily accessible. The only negative thing with these laptops is their pointing device: Toshiba stood long with trackpoint-only notebooks, while other manufacturers started to use touchpads. But it should be noted that for experienced user using trackpoint is as comfortable as touchpad.

Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard

Origin Taiwan/USA
Year of unit ca. 1998
Year of introduction ca. 1997
Type Laptop, PC
CPU Intel Pentium MMX 200MHz
RAM 32MB (upgradeable by SODIMM)
Floppy Disk In a bay
Hard Disk 2GB
Other media CD-ROM drive in a bay
Graphics and display: 800x600 TFT
Sound: Stereo
Keyboard and pointing device: Small PC keyboard without numeric part.
OS: Windows 95/98

Power supply:

1 - Ground
2 - +19V DC, 3.2A

I/O:  - Serial port
 - Parallel port
 - VGA video out
 - PCMCIA x2
 - USB
 - PS/2
 - Dock connector
Possible upgrades: Memory etc.
Additional peripherals:   

Unfortunately my unit has no HDD and its cable, so I can't install an OS on it.

Here you can find hardware servicing manual for it. Disassembly procedure is described there.

And HP still (2014) has support for it: Look here or in HP's suport website as they like to move stuff.